Campus Security Statistics

St. John’s College, Department of Nursing works with the Security Department of HSHS St. John’s Hospital and local law enforcement agencies to provide a security program which promotes safety on college property for students and employees. The College of Nursing distributes policies and procedures concerning access to college property, maintenance of safety and prevention of drug/alcohol use or abuse on college properties as a component of the program.

The safety/security program has the following components:

  1. Education for prevention of crime/injury and awareness of available resources for assistance and reporting of crime/injury. College rules and regulations concerning safety and alcohol/drug use or abuse are components of the educational program.
  2. Reporting mechanisms for incidents, emergencies and potential sources of injury.
  3. Monitoring/surveillance of College properties.
  4. Maintenance of properties to promote safety.
  5. Collection and analysis of statistical data concerning crime/injury.
  6. Promulgate safety and security policies/procedures in the appropriate faculty and student publications.

St. John’s security officers or College of Nursing officials investigate all reports of accident, injury, suspicious activity, infringement of law or violations of published rules and take appropriate action to maintain safety/security of individuals including citizens arrest and/or reporting to appropriate law enforcement agencies. 


Campus crime statistics*
Aggravated assault      
Aggravated battery      
Hate crime      
Motor vehicle theft      
Sex offense (forcible)      
Sex offense (non-forcible)      
Drug law violation      
Liquor law violation      
Weapons violation      

 *Campus refers to the entire St. John’s Hospital grounds. None of the crimes reported above involved St. John’s College students, staff or faculty.

The 201_ and 201_ crime statistics are reported for areas on the campus of the College of Nursing directly under control of the college and property contiguous to the college owned by St. John’s Hospital. There are no buildings owned by student organizations nor any off campus or distance campus sites. Statistics include incidents involving hospital employees as well as students, staff or faculty of the college. Beginning in 1999, legally mandated statistics are provided for the most recent calendar year and the two preceding calendar years.

A full report detailing security programs, policies and procedures is available on request in compliance with federal law. Security personnel can be called for assistance or escort service at any time by dialing ext. 44021 at St. John’s Hospital (544-6464). Students who come in contact with law enforcement agencies are encouraged to call the Security Department or college officials should they need assistance. Any and all costs associated with an incident shall be the responsibility of the student.